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    • TNCCE

      TNCCE is an Online CCE Support System that processes, analyses and interprets the records as per Tamilnadu State Board norms.
      TNCCE is a user friendly tool with step by step menu driven approach, making the TNCCE reporting system more appreciable,realistic and meaningful to every user. TNCCE completely complies with the objectives of the Tamilnadu State Board in providing a comprehensive report of a student.
      TNCCE Tracker has all preset components as per the requirements of the Tamilnadu State Board with a provision to customise based on the school needs.

    • Simplified TNCCE

      ♦ Provides a secured login for each teacher to record and save the student performance rating for overall computation.
      ♦ Provides listing of various assessment types for FAs and SAs with the facility to create more in each type.
      ♦ Handles multiple FA Techniques to compile overall grades using weighted average.
      ♦ Provides a flexi tool for converting marks to grade and grade to marks.
      ♦ Auto Generated reports in customised print format for FA(a), FA(b), Term 1, Term 2 etc.
      ♦ Creates multiple reports with regard to scholastic and co-scholastic status of students in marks as well as in grades.
      ♦ Generates objective,accurate and lucid reports fully compliant to Tamilnadu State Board reporting norms using every bit of student information effectively.
      ♦ Dynamic Tool to assess and compile various Scholastic and Co-Scholastic aspects in 9 or 5 point grading scale.
      ♦ Provides a logical and clear verbal interpretation of grade points to make the descriptive indicators more meaningful and useful.
      ♦ Facility to send periodical reports online to parents as and when reports are generated.
      ♦ Aids in uploading scores to Tamilnadu State Board in the required format.
      ♦ 24x7 support to handhold and support the schools.
      TNCCE with its ready to use techniques and tools saves enormous effort and time of teachers in recording and reporting each and every aspect in scholastic and co-scholastic areas to the parents and also the Tamilnadu State Board.
      TNCCE is sure to act as a quality control device to maintain desired standards of performance in a school with respect to the Tamilnadu Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation.