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    • TeachingBOT

      ESL brings a unique solution for all the Math needs of the student and parent. Launching TeachingBOT, a novel and one-of-a-kind Math software, enables a teaching that closely resembles a highly qualified human tutor. It has a built-in artificial intelligence technology, which enables students to interact with it in a completely personalized and a one-on-one manner. It is an exciting, interactive and completely flexible method of learning. TeachingBOT enables comprehension and experiments with different concepts in a natural and spontaneous environment. As the name suggests, it is a combination of the words “teaching” and “robot” and spells out a new acronym.
      Why TeachingBOT?
      ♦  It can be accessed and operated from any computer with an Internet connection.
      ♦  Just Log on to, register and start using.
      ♦  Needs no additional hardware or software.
      ♦  Just state your Math problem, and TeachingBOT will help you solve it!
      Virtually human and truly online:
      ♦  Use TeachingBOT 24/7 from anywhere!
      ♦  TeachingBOT improves thinking and reasoning skills in students.
      ♦  It helps to develops lateral thinking in students and leads the student to think in the right direction.
      ♦  TeachingBOT does not provide ready-made answers, but guides the student to arrive at the right answer.
      ♦  It is designed to be like a human tutor. TeachingBOT adapts itself to the individual student’s style, language and learning needs.

    • How to use TeachingBOT?

      Using the TeachingBOT is very simple. The easy-to-use technology, with absolutely no downloads, plug-ins or CD-ROM installation, TeachingBOT, makes learning a smooth and enjoyable process. Register on, and select a subscription model. It is available for students between classes 3-10 for Math. TeachingBOT comes to you at a fraction of the cost you pay for tuitions. Upon subscription, TeachingBOT will then take you through a systematic procedure stating the concept. Testing your prior knowledge on the concept, it double-checks to see if you got it right and reinforces the correct spellings and the other details of the concept. TeachingBOT also boosts students with words of encouragement like “well done” and “excellent” to keep students motivated and involved.

      Technology driven effective learning tool

      The interactive method is fun and a unique learning experience. TeachingBOT is an excellent self-paced learning platform for the internet generation. It adapts to the learning style of the student setting a comfortable learning pace. The 24/7 availability of the application comfortably fits into the student’s daily schedule. After using TeachingBOT, students have an enhanced understanding of ideas and concepts. It helps them in widening their thought process and makes them think through each step and arrive at the right answers. TeachingBOT is a tutor that covers a wide range of subjects, all in one place. TeachingBOT engages students at all times and imparts a high quality of education that is consistent and interactive. One of its biggest highlights is its ability to engineer independent thinking in the child. It is highly cost-effective. So just, log on to and make your way to the best learning style. It is accessible, cost-effective and brings out the best in you!