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    • Smart Dashboard

      Quality education needs a quality management tool which can completely integrate the regular assessment with the teaching and learning process. Schools, therefore, require a Total support system which can collect information continuously about the progress of students and help teachers and parents to use this information regularly to identify learning gaps.
      smart Dashboard is a unique and complete learning support system helping teachers in the cycle of learning and assessment as part of the on-going teaching-learning process. Dashboard powered with an effective testing platform creates a systematic learning environment and also facilitates communication within the school and parents.
      Smart Dashboard is an intranet and internet tool powered with various features along with an effective testing platform.
      The Smart Assessor, Smart Manager & the Smart Communicator are the three main functions that help schools in an easy and friendly way to bring about an overall development in a student.
      Smart Track, Smart Report, & Smart Test are the key features of the Smart Assessor. Smart Syllabus Manager which is otherwise known as Smart SyM & Smart Organizer are the features of Smart Manager. Smart Notice and Smart Mail are the features of Smart Communicator.
      In short, Smart Assessor, Smart Manager & the Smart Communicator together makes dashboard a smart solution with its 360 degree approach to all academic needs of a school.