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    • EduGames

      Eslhomeschool now offers Smart EduGames! Smart EduGames - A New Dimension to Education!!! A gamut of exciting edutainment games to play and learn MATH in a fun way! Smart EduGames focuses in educating and entertaining young children with age appropriate math games and activities for extra practice at home. It helps in approaching their classroom learning with more confidence and enthusiasm. Have a hands-on feel of Smart EduGames to make math learning an experience!
      These multimedia games are available for classes I - VI in all areas of math curriculum including numbers, operations, shapes, fractions, measurements, data, etc. Each game is set to a specific learning outcome in each subject concept and has the following features:
      ♦ The multimedia games are specially developed to help the child use the right and left brain adequately to improve the concentration and memory level.
      ♦ These are designed to improve hand and eye coordination and develop quick mental computation abilities.
      ♦ Visually rich games with lively and simple themes are sure to capture the enthusiasm of young learners.
      ♦ The Smart Edugames with its dynamic nature helps to retain the tempo of students pace and keeps their interest alive.
      Each game is built as a self scoring unique assessment program as part of CCE (Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation) in schools. Smart EduGames are available in three levels - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
      Each game presents essential mathematical content in an interesting, lively and motivating manner. The game is structured in such a way that children can explore, practice and improve their math skills in a low-stress environment.