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    • JusTest

      JusTest is a diagnostic test which helps students improve in their basic concepts with a unique self assessment techniques. JusTest measures how well a student has understood concepts and provides a detailed feedback, to help him/her improve unlike regular tests which try only to find out how much a child knows in a chapter/subject.
      It provides multiple methods to improve the reliability of evaluation and offers a p1atform to take the students beyond the regular class room testing and examination. JusTest provides an exhaustive scientifically designed question bank with multiple assessment techniques.
      The type of questions include:
      ♦ Multiple Choice Questions
      ♦ Fill in the blanks
      ♦ True or False
      ♦ Match the following
      ♦ Mind Maps
      JusTest, the flexi tool allows teachers to choose questions from various difficulty levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced and also based on various areas of learning knowledge, understanding, application and skill. It provides variety of graphical reports to understand the performance level of children in each concept.

    • TeachingBOT

      ESL brings a unique solution for all the Math needs of the student and parent. Launching TeachingBOT, a novel and one-of-a-kind Math software, enables a teaching that closely resembles a highly qualified human tutor. It has a built-in artificial intelligence technology, which enables students to interact with it in a completely personalized and a one-on-one manner. It is an exciting, interactive and completely flexible method of learning. TeachingBOT enables comprehension and experiments with different concepts in a natural and spontaneous environment. As the name suggests, it is a combination of the words “teaching” and “robot” and spells out a new acronym.
      Why TeachingBOT?
      ♦  It can be accessed and operated from any computer with an Internet connection.
      ♦  Just Log on to, register and start using.
      ♦  Needs no additional hardware or software.
      ♦  Just state your Math problem, and TeachingBOT will help you solve it!
      Virtually human and truly online:
      ♦  Use TeachingBOT 24/7 from anywhere!
      ♦  TeachingBOT improves thinking and reasoning skills in students.
      ♦  It helps to develops lateral thinking in students and leads the student to think in the right direction.
      ♦  TeachingBOT does not provide ready-made answers, but guides the student to arrive at the right answer.
      ♦  It is designed to be like a human tutor. TeachingBOT adapts itself to the individual student’s style, language and learning needs.

    • EduGames

      Eslhomeschool now offers Smart Edugames! Smart Edugames - A New Dimension to Education!!! A gamut of exciting edutainment games to play and learn MATH in a fun way! Smart Edugames focuses in educating and entertaining young children with age appropriate math games and activities for extra practice at home. It helps in approaching their classroom learning with more confidence and enthusiasm. Have a hands-on feel of Smart Edugames to make math learning an experience!
      These multimedia games are available for classes I - VI in all areas of math curriculum including numbers, operations, shapes, fractions, measurements, data, etc. Each game is set to a specific learning outcome in each subject concept and has the following features:
      ♦ The multimedia games are specially developed to help the child use the right and left brain adequately to improve the concentration and memory level.
      ♦ These are designed to improve hand and eye coordination and develop quick mental computation abilities.
      ♦ Visually rich games with lively and simple themes are sure to capture the enthusiasm of young learners.
      ♦ The Smart Edugames with its dynamic nature helps to retain the tempo of students pace and keeps their interest alive.
      Each game is built as a self scoring unique assessment program as part of CCE (Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation) in schools. Smart Edugames are available in three levels - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

      Each game presents essential mathematical content in an interesting, lively and motivating manner. The game is structured in such a way that children can explore, practice and improve their math skills in a low-stress environment.


    • Smart Hands-on Series
      Eversmile has developed two series of textbooks from introductory to class V with the focus on bringing out the innate potential of children in a holistic manner. These books aligned to the NCERT curriculum are fully supported by online teacher's resource pack make an excellent tool for effective class room teaching.
      Hands on Math
      This is a holistic series of books to help children develop mathematical skills and confidence. This series acts as a complete �hand holding platform� with focus on kids in classes U.K.G to Class V. Each book provides ample number of objective questions to test the mental arithmetic skills of students. A special section Math in Action at the end of each chapter provides reinforcement of concepts with lively, hands on, enjoyable interactive real time activities to measure and enhance the learning of concepts.ESL books make a comprehensive package containing online support for teachers with access to class room games and activities,online printable worksheets and assignments
      Hands on Art & Craft
      This series comprises of 7 books from LKG to class 5 has been specially designed to improve the hand eye coordination and motor skills of children during their growing up years. This series also aims at imparting value education through arts & crafts. Smart Craft section provides activities that teach children on coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together and waste management in an interesting way.
      Computer Skills
      Smart Hands-on Computer Skills, is a series of five books for classes 1 to 5 developed by professionals having more than a decade of experience in computer education. This series helps students acquire basic computer skills and also to learn MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel programs using windows 7 Operating System. Each new concept has been introduced through lively conversation between the two characters and has been explained with lot of illustrations and screen shots.
      Each book is accompanied with an interactive CD for students to learn and practice concepts through interesting activities.