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    • Smart Dashboard

      Quality education needs a quality management tool which can completely integrate the regular assessment with the teaching and learning process. Schools, therefore, require a Total support system which can collect information continuously about the progress of students and help teachers and parents to use this information regularly to identify learning gaps.
      Smart Dashboard is a unique and complete learning support system helping teachers in the cycle of learning and assessment as part of the on-going teaching-learning process. Dashboard powered with an effective testing platform creates a systematic learning environment and also facilitates communication within the school and parents.
      Smart Dashboard is an intranet and internet tool powered with various features along with an effective testing platform.
      The Smart Assessor, Smart Manager & the Smart Communicator are the three main functions that help schools in an easy and friendly way to bring about an overall development in a student.
      JusTest, Smart Report, & Smart Test are the key features of the Smart Assessor. Smart Syllabus Manager which is otherwise known as Smart SyM & Smart Organizer are the features of Smart Manager. Smart Notice and Smart Mail are the features of Smart Communicator.
      In short, Smart Assessor, Smart Manager & the Smart Communicator together makes dashboard a smart solution with its 360 degree approach to all academic needs of a school.

    • CCE Tracker-CBSE

      CCE Tracker is an Online CCE Support System that processes, analyses and interprets the records as per CBSE norms.
      CCE Tracker is a user friendly tool with step by step menu driven approach, making the CCE reporting system more appreciable, realistic and meaningful to every user. CCE Tracker completely complies with the objectives of the CBSE Board in providing a comprehensive report of a student.
      CCE Tracker has all preset components as per the requirements of the CBSE Board with a provision to customise based on the school needs.
      CCE Simplified
        Provides a secured login for each teacher to record and save the student performance rating for overall computation
        Provides listing of various assessment types for FAs and SAs with the facility to create more in each type
        ♦ Handles multiple FA Techniques to compile overall grades using weighted average
        ♦ Provides a flexi tool for converting marks to grade and grade to marks
        ♦ Generates reports in customised print format for FA1, FA2, Term 1, Term 2 etc
        ♦ Creates multiple reports with regard to scholastic and co-scholastic status of students in marks as well as in grades
        ♦ Generates objective, accurate and lucid reports fully compliant to CBSE reporting norms using every bit of student information effectively
        ♦ Provides a dynamic tool to assess the child in 5 point grade scale on each descriptor and consolidate GP in each area leading to overall CGPA
        ♦ Provides a logical and clear verbal interpretation of grade points to make the descriptive indicators more meaningful and useful
        ♦ Facility to send periodical reports online to parents as and when reports are generated
        ♦ Aids in uploading scores to CBSE in the required format
        ♦ 24x7 support to handhold and support the schools
        CCE tracker with its ready to use techniques and tools saves enormous effort and time of teachers in recording and reporting each and every aspect in scholastic and co-scholastic areas to the parents and also the Board.
        CCE Tracker is sure to act as a quality control device to maintain desired standards of performance in a school with respect to the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation.

    • CCE Tracker-Tamilnadu

      ♦ ESL provides excellent web support in the subject to compliment effective class room teaching.
      ♦ Detailed lesson plans for each chapter
      ♦ Online games, interactive exercises ,activities ,downloadable worksheets
      ♦ Online question Bank

    • Smart EduGames

      ESLHomeschool, with its experienced subject experts, has developed an edutainment program to remove the monotony of the textbook exercises and aims at encouraging creative and involved learning amongst students.
      ESL's Smart Edugames program offers a gamut of multimedia games across the curriculum as per the concerned Board of Education for classes 1 - 6. Each game is set to a specific learning outcome in each subject concept and Smart edugames are built in three levels - basic, intermediate and advanced.
      These games have a Self scoring unique assessment program which can also be used as a part of CCE in schools.
      These computer based edutainment games help the child use the right and left brain adequately improving the concentration and memory level of the child to perform better in academics and other areas.
      Edutainment games can be installed in the school server and made available for use within school by using the LAN facility.

    • School TextBooks

      Smart Hands-on Series
      Eversmile has developed two series of textbooks from introductory to class V with the focus on bringing out the innate potential of children in a holistic manner. These books aligned to the NCERT curriculum are fully supported by online teacher's resource pack make an excellent tool for effective class room teaching.
      Smart Hands-on Math
      This is a holistic series of books to help children develop mathematical skills and confidence. This series acts as a complete 'hand holding platform' with focus on kids in classes U.K.G to Class V. Each book provides ample number of objective questions to test the mental arithmetic skills of students. A special section Math in Action at the end of each chapter provides reinforcement of concepts with lively, hands on, enjoyable interactive real time activities to measure and enhance the learning of concepts.ESL books make a comprehensive package containing online support for teachers with access to class room games and activities,online printable worksheets and assignments
      Smart Hands-on Art & Craft
      This series comprises of 7 books from LKG to class 5 has been specially designed to improve the hand eye coordination and motor skills of children during their growing up years. This series also aims at imparting value education through arts & crafts. Smart Craft section provides activities that teach children on coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together and waste management in an interesting way.
      Smart Hands-on Computer Skills
      Smart Hands-on Computer Skills, is a series of five books for classes 1 to 5 developed by professionals having more than a decade of experience in computer education. This series helps students acquire basic computer skills and also to learn MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel programs using windows 7 Operating System. Each new concept has been introduced through lively conversation between the two characters and has been explained with lot of illustrations and screen shots.
      Each book is accompanied with an interactive CD for students to learn and practice concepts through interesting activities.

    • School Workshop

      ESL team also has experience in providing need- based training to schools. ESL assists school to gain and maintain a competitive edge by helping them create and sustain a better-trained workforce who in turn will enhance teaching learning environment of the school. Our training programmes are specially designed for teachers to improve their instructional skills, enhancing innovative teaching and pedagogical approach and developing creative thinking, problem solving skills among students with various type of assessment strategies.

    • School Consultancy

      ESL has worked closely with schools and is familiar with a diverse range of schools, management and education systems.ESL has set up a team of experienced professionals, who offer full support from carrying out feasibility study to all aspects of establishing a new school, including advice on premises, staffing, curriculum, launch planning and marketing.